Its really hard to give people a sense of who you are on-line in this type of broadcast mode, but I thought I would try.

@chrisbrogan signing books ay #ims09
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I really like to read. I have always surrounded myself with books, and I never travel anywhere without some kind of reading material. I started by spending all of my free money on comic books when I was young, but I’ll tell you more about that later,

As it is, I read thrillers, mysteries, westerns, science fiction, fantasy and a lot of historical fiction. I still read one or two books each week, and feel exposed and neurotic if I don’t have one waiting in anticipation of completing the one I’m currently reading. As I write this, I am reading Trust Agents by Chris Brogan, Free by Chris Anderson, and Homer & Langley by E.L. Doctorow (I have three other books waiting – 1 mystery, 1 western, 1 historical fiction)

I have collected things all my life starting with books and comic books. At various times I have collected baseball cards, historical documents, toy soldiers, sports memorabilia, and thousands and thousands of movies. I really like almost every kind of movie, though slasher type horror movies are way down the list for me. Cartoons and documentaries are guilty pleasures, as are movies where the good guys win, the bad guys lose, and everyone ends up happy.

I love movies and TV. Yes I said I like TV. It doesn’t mean that I am without culture or that I am stupid, however, I was raised with the Lone Ranger and Superman, and much of what I think about heroism and doing the right thing I learned from them. I still think that the strong should help the weak, the rich should help the poor, and that its better to be a good guy than a bad one. All of that being said, I like smart entertainment, and well written dialogue.

My musical tastes are eclectic. You might find me listening to classical music, classical rock, hip-hop, country or jazz at any time. I like music that compels me or soothes me, and as long as the music is performed well, I enjoy listening to it. I also love art. I love art museums, the Louvre, LACMA,the Art Institute in Chicago and the Philadelphia Museum of Art are among my favorites.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
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Since I can’t draw, I love photography. I can often be found with a camera in my hand taking pictures of things that strike my fancy. I like candid photos of my friends and individuals that I observe, and I love to take pictures of buildings. Architects are particularly talented artists in my opinion.

Though I am not a sports fan per se I do enjoy football and basketball when the Eagles and the Sixers are involved. The season ends for me when they are eliminated from the playoffs. I know that’s shallow, but its how I roll.

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